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Языковые практики в музее: анонс семинара Jennifer Blunden в Австралии

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Our next seminar will be held on October 31st, and Jennifer Blunden is going to talk about her experience as a “linguist-in-residence” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Time: 4:30-6:00 pm, Friday, 31st Oct.

Location: Level 9, Rm 113, Building 10 (on Jones Street), UTS


Jennifer Blunden, PhD Candidate, University of Technology, Sydney

From February to May this year, a new fellowship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York provided an opportunity to explore the language practices of one of the world’s great art museums. Based within the museum’s Education Department, the fellowship was created to research ‘the intersection of museum learning, education theory and philosophy’ and in its first year was awarded to a project that focused on the role played by language in shaping visitor experience and learning.

The broad aim of the project was to create a focus around language that would bring it to consciousness in new ways in order to trigger fresh insights that might inform museum practice and progress debates on the role of language within the multimodal context of the 21st-century museum. Framed as a residency, the idea of the project was not to come locked into a preconceived plan but to be responsive to the issues and opportunities of the museum – to find the questions around language that mattered there and then, and then draw on emerging research, including my own doctoral research, to explore those issues with museum staff and leave them with a deeper understanding of the processes and resources of language.

For the Met, the fellowship provided an opportunity to focus on language in a way that’s rarely possible within a busy, working museum. For language studies, the fellowship provided an opportunity to focus on a number of issues that remain relatively unexplored, in particular the discourse of art and the value of explicit ‘Knowledge about Language’ (KAL) pedagogies for improving the writing skills of disciplinary ‘experts’ (rather than students), who often need to communicate with audiences outside their field. This seminar will review the fellowship project in terms of these issues, and invite discussion on the residency format as a research paradigm and the challenge of making linguistic theory meaningful, relevant and valuable in organisations such as museums at both an individual and institutional level.

Speaker Bio

Jennifer Blunden works in the museum and cultural heritage sectors, developing and shaping content for exhibitions, publications and other media. She is currently undertaking a doctorate at UTS in the area of language and learning in museums, and in February 2014 was awarded the inaugural Sylvan C Coleman and Pamela Coleman Memorial Fellowship in Museum Education and Public Practice at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Текст доклада https://www.academia.edu/11839171/Language_under_the_microscope_a_linguist-in-residence_at_the_Metropolitan_Museum_of_Art

Подробная биографическая информация представлена здесь https://goo.gl/EjeJiu

Публикации https://uts.academia.edu/JenniferBlunden

Видео https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eANU6BeVumo

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