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BSA Work, Employment and Society Conference 2016 – Call for Papers

Abstract submission closes at midnight on Monday 7 March

Work, Employment and Society Conference 2016

‘Work in Crisis’

Dates: Tuesday 6 – Thursday 8 September 2016 (Postgraduate Workshop: 5 September 2016)

Venue: University of Leeds

The BSA and the Work, employment and society Editorial Board are pleased to announce that the WES Conference 2016 will be hosted by the University of Leeds. Like the journal, the conference is internationally focused and sociologically oriented, though it welcomes contributions from related fields.

The conference comes at a critical time for the study of work internationally. The impact of the global financial crisis has not only been profound, but enduring. The crisis has not led to any fundamental reappraisal of the nature of capitalism, or how to ‘govern’ it. For the majority in work conditions have deteriorated, while those without employment have been subject to ever more punitive sanctions. Inequalities are increasing and working lives becoming more precarious. The WES 2016 conference will bring together sociologists of work from across the globe to consider the crisis within, and the possibility of moving beyond, capitalist work relations.

The full Call for Papers can be viewed at:http://www.britsoc.co.uk/media/93221/WES2016_conference_CFP_070316.pdf?1448377582546



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