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Uk Mod Framework Agreements

Defence Equipment and Support (DE-S) – the UK Defence Procurement Agency – and Rheinmetall signed a framework agreement in June to facilitate the acquisition of infantry ammunition. The agreement is the standard source of some projectiles, ammunition and grenades over the next five to seven years and has an estimated flow of 100 million euros. The Ministry of Defence will review the legal framework for single-source contracts in 2021. This backgrounder from the commons Library explains what the framework is and what changes have been made so far. Detailed information can be found in the ITT. The Authority reserves the right to add similar elements to the framework during its lifetime. Defence Equipment and Support (DE-S) is currently negotiating a portfolio of framework agreements with armaments suppliers to allow the repeated purchase of in-service ammunition. The contract with Rheinmetall Defence is the first contract of its kind with the ammunition industry under framework conditions and is a positive step in the way MoD treats the industry. In 2014, the government reformed the procurement framework from a single source by introducing new rules and creating a new supervisory board.

In 2017, the MOD conducted a regular review of the legislation, as required by the Defence Reform Act 2014, resulting in regulatory changes. Parts of military vehicles. The Vehicle Support Team (VST), known as the authority, has an obligation to enable the acquisition of a replacement set for most of the vehicle assistance fleet, including wheel and chain platforms – by creating a framework agreement for several suppliers. There are approximately 9,000 items that are included in the scope of the framework agreement, defined by NATO stock numbers (NSN) and manufacturer parts numbers (MPNs) and supplemented by packaging codes. The Authority reserves the right to modify the list at its sole discretion, including due to de-coating and/or post-design (PDS) services. As part of the ITT exercise, an indicative list of NSNs that can be obtained during the duration of the framework agreement is made available to potential suppliers selected as a result of the DPQQ exercise and invited to the tender (ITT), and they must confirm which of these NSNs may submit them, including evidence relevant to those statements. If their bids are successful, bidders are responsible for: – responding to requests for bids (RFQs) from the Authority based on operating demand; The purchase and delivery of items in accordance with their NATO specifications; Ensure compliance with safety and quality standards; Management of source traceability at the unit level; Information on obsolescence if found during the purchase process; Safety and compliance with hazmat and COSHH and other relevant guidelines; Delivery to safe facilities for UK MOD. The duration of the framework agreement is not expected to exceed seven (7) years between 1 May 2021 and 31 March 2028, with an estimated value of between GBP 120,000,000 and GBP 400,000.000. However, due to the nature of the operation of a framework agreement, there is no guaranteed quantity or amount of work. Expressions of interest to participate in this application must be submitted on the Defence Contracts Online (DCO) portal by the conclusion of the DPQQ, reference 7T42D76JCP. In recent years, the Defence and Public Finance Committees and the National Court of Auditors have reviewed public procurement from a single source.

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