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Yang Dimaksud Dengan Gentlemen Agreement

This clause explicitly gives way to the soul of the Jakarta Charter of 22 June 1945 to put an end to the controversy over the seven-word amendment on 18 August. Kasman Singodimedjo, who participated in PPKI`s lobbying on August 18, 1945, said the July 5, 1959 decree was “unique,” meaning it was valid forever (not revocable). Now I`m focusing on the auto industry; And I have three examples of gentlemen`s agreement that have been and are. It is therefore very clear that, from the adoption of the decree of 5 July 1959 to the present day, the existence of the Jakarta Charter of 22 June 1945 has a binding legal force in the country. However, many try to conceal this reality by making often insensital arguments. Indeed, shortly after the decree, various decisions were taken regarding the recognition of this jakarta charter. Secondly, Pancasila must have an open meaning as the basis of the agreement-based state. A deal goes hand in hand. Any attempt to impose an interpretation of the agreement on the other party is in effect part of the breach of the agreement; And he will almost certainly reap the rewards. The New Order`s biggest “mistake” in maintaining Pancasila was to compel Pancasila to be used as a single principle with a unique interpretation of P4 (Guidelines for The Interpretation and Practice of Pancasila).

This constraint can be interpreted as an attempt to make Pancasila a closed ideology. That is why Hatta tried to address the Islamic leaders to discuss the subject. Teuku Hasan agrees. The newly invited casman seems totally unprepared for this idea. Wahid Hasjim is on his way to Surabaya. On the left, Ki Bagus Hadikusumo. He was so convinced that he accepted it. With the reason of the unity of the nation and the reason for the equality of this constitution, Ki Bagus Hadikusumo ready to accept it. Moreover, he was convinced that the meaning of “The True God” is nothing but “Tauhid”. Kasman himself, who attended the meeting, was very understandable about his psychiatric situation. Christians are very good at exploiting the situation, which is very precarious, when everyone wants to see the form of independence and unite, so that Hatta`s insistence on the name of national unity can be easily downplayed. From the beginning, Indonesia was seen as a rule of law (the rule of law) and not as a state of power (Maachtstaat).

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