Guide To Earning That Online Sociology Degree

Before we talk about earning an online sociology degree, we first have to know what sociology means. Sociology is the behavioral study on how human interacts with the society.

People who teach and research sociology are called sociologists. They research and observe on how people interact within society this is so they can help people live a better life. They try to understand why people act that way or this way when they are with their friends, family, in a crowd etc.

When you want to study this degree you need to have an open mind so that you can absorb and understand humans without judging them. The 4 most common degree types for sociology they are:

  • The Certificate, Diploma and Associate Degree, these programs give student concrete understanding of the degree and its foundation.
  • Bachelors Degree, in this degree you are required to have specific classes regarding the material you want to learn.
  • Master’s Degree, this degree centers on analytical and your technical skills in research.
  • Doctorate and PhD Degree, This degree is for those sociologists who wants to share what they’ve learned with other people. In other words this degree is for those who want to become sociology professors or researchers.

Here are tips for you if you want an online sociology degree.

  • Before taking this course you have to make certain that you know what you want out of it.
  • You also have to see if you are equipped for online studies. Make sure that you have the necessary equipment and internet connection so you can participate in the lecture and on the online chat discussion.
  • Then you have to find a school online. In finding a school on the net you need to make sure that you choose the right one. The right school will be those that are accredited by your state and are given permission to offer online studies and programs.
  • Then choose the program and degree level you would like to take up.
  • Organize yourself and make a time table and to see your schedules so that you’ll know what day and time you will choose for your education.
  • Be sure that your study schedules don’t clash with your work and/or your family commitments.
  • You also have to concentrated, focused so that you won’t be tempted. You need to discipline yourself so that you can get your diploma.

Aside from having a motivation to get the degree you want you also need to be focused as not to not lose sight of your goals. For in the end you will be the one who benefits from it. So if becoming a sociologist sounds like the sort of thing you would like to do then I urge you to do some more research on online sociology degree programs.

Online Sociology – Learning About Society

Learning online can be an easier way to obtain a degree. Individuals can turn to accredited online programs to gain a degree in a variety of fields. Sociology is one such program where students will learn in their home and through numerous courses further their knowledge and prepare for the work force.

Through coursework students will study human behavior as it connects to human interaction inside the procedures of an organizational structure. Courses will give students the knowledge of the complex interactions of human behavior through the understanding that behavior is highly influenced by social, religious, and legal rules. Sociology is a wide science, encompassing various disciplines within the social sciences.

With sociology careers being so diverse education requirements will vary depending on the job. Taking career goals into account will help an individual pick the correct program to enroll making their career goal obtainable. Students can gain a bachelor’s, masters, or a doctorate degree in sociology. Each degree distinction requires different schooling. However, to obtain a master’s degree or a doctorate, students are required to have already completed the previous degree distinction requirements.

Numerous schools offer courses and degree choices online for students who need to study from home or simply prefer to stay home. Tuition prices will vary according to degree program, school, and amount of credit hours taken per semester. Some online schools set their tuition around $400 per course while other schools price courses at about $200 for courses that are three credit-hours long. These prices do not include other costs that will be needed like textbooks, enrollment fees, etc.

A typical course taken by sociology majors may be Multicultural Perspectives on Women in the United States. The study will cover the experiences of women in a number of racial and ethnic communities. These communities include African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinas, Native Americans, and other female populations located inside the United States. A class of this nature will help students who work in careers where they are in contact with a variety of people and sometimes women alone.

Being a sociology degree holder leaves many different career paths open. Upon graduation students may see themselves in jobs as researchers, consultants, and administrators. Career paths range from counseling, politics, education, and more. The 2006 medium salary income for someone with a sociology degree was $67,330 per year. The lowest ten percent earned less than $36,740 per year, and the highest ten percent earned over $108,280 per year.

Successful sociologists know a plethora of skills and know how to apply them in a variety of situations. These sociologists have the ability to recognize trends and patterns; they can create concise reports, and have planning and organizational skills to name a few.

Picking the right accredited online program is extremely important for success. Before selecting a degree program or number of classes look at the amount of time you can set aside for studies each week. Most programs have a required minimum course load per semester; make sure the program you choose fits your work and family commitments.

Important Sociological Studies And Publications


Historical research examines sociological themes overtime. It is commonly done in historical archives, such as official records, church records, town archives, private diaries, or oral histories. Historical research is usually qualitative, but quantitative approaches are also used – for example analysis of trends.

Important Studies & Publications In Sociology

Sociological inquiry started as soon as man developed some means of communication. Meanwhile, the conscious adoption of the scientific approach began in the early part of the 18th century and the first quarter of the 19th century when social philosophers began to be interested in the natural development of the sciences that would eventually lead to the development of society. During that time, Henri Saint-Simon (1760-1825) wrote his ideas on the science of society which he discussed with Auguste Comte, his student and secretary. Auguste Comte was a French philosopher who coined the word sociology in 1838 to designate to his newly formulated “science of the associated life of humanity.” He described sociology as the “queen of the social sciences”. His famous book of ‘positive philosophy’ was to develop and advance the study of society to the third and last stage and to apply methods of science to the study of society.

It has to be noted that the theories that characterised the age of Comte were greatly influenced by the social unrest in Europe and the Industrial Revolution. At that time, scholars and intellectuals advocated social reforms. Among the pioneers of this movement were: Herbert Spencer, he began writing his first book ‘social statics’, which is often called the “first Sociology textbook”. Karl Marx, and Friedrich Engels wrote ‘The Communist Manifesto’, a propaganda pamphlet with class struggle, which is still read today and Ferdinand Toennis, who were all armchair philosophers. Pioneering along this area were Emile Durkheim and Max Weber, his first book, ‘The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism’ examined how belief systems might affect people’s actions and in turn the economic system of their society.

Other sociologists followed. These were William Graham Sumner, he was president of the American Sociological Society, and author of ‘Folkways and the Science of Society’ Lester Ward, George Simmel, he achieved fame among sociologists through a series of brilliant articles published in ‘Soziologie’ and Ferdinand Toennis, his first and most important writing was ‘Gemeinshaft and Gesselshaft’ originally published in 1887 and subsequently in six other editions, a rare event in the study of sociological theory.

Major sociological studies, still useful in sociological research are protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, Asch Conformity Experiments, Milgram Obedience Studies, The Communist Manifesto, The History of Sexuality, Democracy in America, etc. The McDonaldization of Society, The Study of Suicide, The presentation of Self in Everyday Life. In the United States, the fast growth of sociology accelerated the change from social philosophy to social science, which led to the separation of sociology as distinct discipline of the social studies.