How Does a Skin Tightening Device Work?

How Does a Skin Tightening Device Work?
At-home skin tightening devices are an effective way to improve the skin’s elasticity. They are
also an effective means of reducing wrinkles and fine lines skin tightening device. This device helps to improve the
appearance of the skin with only a few treatments. The technology behind these machines has
been refined for use on both men and women. It uses radiofrequency energy to target tissue
beneath the surface of the face. This energy triggers the production of new collagen fibers,
which give the complexion a more youthful appearance.

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Skin tightening devices employ broadband infrared light to target and remodel tissues. These
wavelengths are from 800 to 1800 nm. There are three main types of these devices currently
available. The Titan(r) by Cutera Medical in Brisbane, California, the StarLux(r) IR by Palomar
Medical Technologies in Burlington, Massachusetts, and the VelaShape by Sciton in Palo Alto,
California, are two of the most common.
These devices work by transforming RF energy into heat that targets collagen fibers. The RF
energy is converted into thermal energy and then stimulates the skin’s natural production of
collagen. EMS is a non-invasive procedure that works by activating skin cells, increasing their
elasticity and softening wrinkles. Mesoporation is another technique that uses RF energy to
target and firm the skin. The result is firmer and brighter looking complexion.

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The bipolar Radio Frequency technology in this device is a safe and effective method of skin
tightening. It utilizes a controlled wound healing response to remodel collagen and elastin
structures. In doing so, collagen fibres are tightened and fibroblast activity is stimulated. These
factors result in an overall improvement in the skin’s firmness and brightening. It is important to
remember that any skin firming device has limitations and is not intended to replace a cosmetic
There are three devices available today. They use the broadband infrared light to firm tissue.
Both devices use a bipolar radio frequency. While this technique is relatively safe, patients
should be aware of the risks of exposure to the radiation. This device can cause side effects,
including skin tightening, but there is no risk of permanent damage. The FDA has approved the
Titan(r) by Cutera, StarLux IR by Palomar Medical Technologies, and SkinTyte(tm) by Sciton.
A third device that uses broadband infrared light is the Sensilift. This device uses radiofrequency
to remodel collagen and skin tissue. It was designed with a thermal sensor to regulate the RF
power level, and it maintains an optimal power throughout the entire treatment session. Its main
advantage is that it is safe and effective. It also helps you smooth out wrinkles and sagging skin.
With a few sessions, the Sensilift can improve your skin and tighten your sagging skin.